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You're busy as a homeowner and the last thing you might not think about is giving your garage door some attention once in a while. In this series of blogs, here are some behind-the-scenes tips for keeping your garage door in good shape, and what to do if it breaks down when least expected.

Blog Image Competitive Garage Door Lube Cans

Posted 3.18.20
by E Winkle

With all their use, maybe garage doors should be on a maintenance schedule just like your car. But most people only think about garage doors when they quit working. Consider these garage door maintenance tips that could extend the life of your big door.

Stop, look and listen. Does your garage door make ear-shattering noise during the open-close cycle? Lubrication will help quiet your garage door and help it last. Use a specialized, lithium-based garage door lubricant available at better hardware stores.

The Big Door Video: Like all mechanical things in your home, garage doors need to be maintained.

Balancing act. After detaching the door from the opener motor by pulling down on the emergency release handle, you'll be able to tell if the door stays level or is unbalanced. An unbalanced garage door means that the torsion spring is too loose or wound too tight and needs adjustment. And that's a job for professions like us.

Auto-Reverse Test. Two safety mechanisms, the photocell and mechanical auto reverse are safety features that merit a test now and then. If you block the photocell's invisible beam with a large object, the door won't close. For the auto-reverse, place a small piece of wood on the floor where the door will touch down. The garage door should auto-reverse after touching the wood.

Other maintenance tasks to consider: Tighten loose bolts, examine weather stripping, inspect rollers for wear or freeze-ups, clear track of dust and debris and maintain the cosmetics of the door to keep it looking as good as the exterior of the rest of your home.

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Gig Harbor Garage Door Repairs

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Gig Harbor Garage Doors services a wide range of garage door issues the may appear suddenly, or gradually with a change in your garage door opening speed or a noise you hadn't noticed before. Here is a partial list:
• Broken torsion springs
• Squeaking and frozen rollers
• Bent or off-track doors
• Remotes that don't work
• Loose or snapped cables
• Dented and damaged panels
• Door opener and motor problems
• Old weather seal
• Security issues
• Upgrading openers and doors

Blog Image Door won't open or close

Posted 3.18.20
by E Winkle

From keeping your vehicles safe to securing your stored valuables, garages perform a lot of important functions when their big doors work properly.

Do you take for granted the many times in a day the garage door cycles up and down? Most garage doors quit without warning and that could mean your vehicle is that's stuck inside when you need it most.

For now, when your garage quits working it's either one of two reasons — the remote opener or a failure of the garage door mechanism.

If the opener needs new batteries, that's usually and easy fix. But with interior mechanics, there's so much that can go wrong, it's hard to know where to start.

Most of our garage door repair calls are about broken garage door springs. Pinpoint this by looking at the torsion spring at the top of the garage door.

If there's a noticeable gap in the spring, it's broken and needs to be replaced.

Youtube: Garage Door Won't Open. If your garage door won't open it could be a broken spring.

Many garage doors have two springs and we recommend replacing both the broken and the second spring as well. Why? If one breaks, the other's not far behind, so why wait?

Other problems can be traced to the garage door opener motor, electrical supply, the trolley-track system, off-track or broken cables and pulleys, or electric eye interference.

Call us for repair solutions, maintenance programs and garage door upgrades at 253-509-7027.

Loose Cable Blog

Posted 3.18.20
by Staff

What might cause a loose garage door cable?

When your garage door cable system is loose it might be the result of a broken pulley, or snapped or misaligned cable. Your garage door mechanism depends on a balanced interaction between torsion springs, pulleys, rollers, track and cables.

A malfunction of any of these components can throw the whole garage door out-of-balance. A trained technician's training ensures the safest and best approach when your garage door cable requires cable repairs.

How often should a garage door cable be changed?

Cables are designed to give you lifetime service if properly maintained and there's no need to replace the cable if it is working properly and not worn.

Nevertheless, you still need maintenance at proper intervals, including lubrication of pulleys, hinges, rollers and other components. Use a professional lubrication specifically designed for garage doors.

I've lubricated my garage doors and still have issues.

If you have suspicions about your cable system, garage door springs or other components that keep your garage door open instead of shut, give us a call. We have the knowledge, training, tools and professional approach to tackle just about any garage door issue, including loose cables. Call us for a free estimate.

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