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Garage Door Repair

When your garage door won't move, is stuck or just needs services, call Gig Harbor Garage Doors today. Highly trained technicians will be dispatched to your door to take care of just about any problem, style or brand of garage door.

A locally owned-and-operated company for over 35 years, we provide friendly, quality, waranteed work to Gig Harbor and nearby communities with our well stocked service trucks, assuring that your problem can be fixed promply and at a fair price.

Explore our comprehensive website regardign our services and visit our Garage Door Blog for tips on properly maintaing your big door.

Courteous Technicians Get the Job Done Right

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Gig Harbor Garage Doors emphasizes excellence in garage door repairs, service and new door installation. For over three decades, the company remains customer service oriented, providing reliable, ethical garage door services, emphasizing the Golden Rule.

New Openers and Apps for Garage Door Security

Garage door opener replacement and smartphone apps

When it comes to new garage door openers, give us a call. Our technicians can install the latest advances in openers. A new opener with a smart phone app provides secuity monitoring and operation of your garage door from wherever you are.

Bent Panels Replaced

Broken Spring Repairs

Yikes, it happens! Someone forgets to open the garage door, or the door gets rammed accidently by a delivery van. When that happens, call 253-509-7027. Whenever possible, we'll replace those broken panels, or install a new garage door if you need one.

Replace Garage Door Weather Strip

Garage door worn weather strip replacement

If your weather seal needs replacing, call us for a Free Estimate at 253-509-7027. New garage door weather stripping will keep vermin and pests from entering your clean garage interior as well as acting as a barrier against rain, snow, cold weather and leaves.

Broken Cables Replaced

Broken Spring Repairs

Garage door cables typically are under tension and need to be handled with care. Our trained technicians have the right training and tools to deal with off-track and snapped cables. Get a coupon for your next cable repair. When you use Gig Harbor Garage Door Repair, we'll have your garage door working again like new!

Get Coupons and Save

Garage door worn weather strip replacement

For your next garage door repair, replacement part or new door discount, get a coupon and save. As an added convenience, you'll be able to show the coupon on your smartphone when the job is done. By the way, we offer free job quotes for you garage door issue. Call 253-509-7027 today for more details.

Door Off Track Coupon

Garage Door Safety

Because a garage door is the largest, heaviest moving object in your home — and raised over your head — we call attention to your safety and the safety of others. Children should definitely not play around garage doors.

If you see or hear something that is not normal with the garage door, contact Gig Habor Garage Doors immediately. Don't wait until the problem becomes so big that you can't get your car out of the garage, or that your safety is compromised.

Gig Harbor Garage Door Repairs/Sales/Service

Reasons why customers keep coming back to us for their garage door services:

• Eithical, friendly technicians provide customer and job service excellence.
• No bait-and-switch schemes, just honest, reliable, total customer satisfaction.
• Trustworthy, reliable and top quality parts and service.
• Free quotes and dispatched technicians to fix your garage door problem as quickly as possible.
• Experienced technicians work with a safety-first attitude.
• Emergency and after-hours garage door services (a job quote fee may apply).
• Guaranteed, warranteed parts and labor. Call 253-509-7027 for details.
• A local, family-owned business — providing cost effective repairs.
• We're licensed, bonded and insured.
• Gig Harbor Garage Doors is a division of ASGD, LLC, a trusted name in the industry formed over three decades.

Call 253-509-7027 today for more details.

Garage Door

Garage Door Blog

You're busy as a homeowner and the last thing you might not think about is giving your garage door some attention once in a while. In this series of blogs, here are some behind-the-scenes tips for keeping your garage door in good shape, and what to do if it breaks down when least expected.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Blog Image Competitive Garage Door Lube Cans

Posted 3.18.20
by E Winkle

With all their use, maybe garage doors should be on a maintenance schedule just like your car. But most people only think about garage doors when they quit working. Consider several of these maintenance tips that could extend the life of your big door.

Stop, look and listen. Does your garage door make ear-shattering noise during the open-close cycle? Lubrication will help quiet your garage door and help it last. Use a specialized, lithium-based garage door...

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When your garage door spring breaks get a price break on your repair. Call for free estimate: 253-509-7027.

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For over three decades, we remain customer service oriented, providing reliable, ethical garage door services, emphasizing the Golden Rule. Call today and discover how our locally-owned-and-operated business can make a big difference in workmanship, attitude and customer care. Reach out to us at 253-509-7027.

Some Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Open or Close

Blog Image Door won't open or close

Posted 3.18.20
by E Winkle

From keeping your vehicles safe to securing your stored valuables, garages perform a lot of important functions when their big doors work properly.

Do you take for granted the many times in a day the garage door cycles up and down? Most garage doors quit without warning and that could mean your vehicle is that's stuck inside when you need it most ...

Questions Customers Ask about Broken Garage Door Cables

Loose Cable Blog

Posted 3.18.20
by Staff

What might cause a loose garage door cable?
When your garage door cable system is loose it might be the result of a broken pulley, or snapped or misaligned cable. Your garage door mechanism depends on a balanced interaction between torsion springs, pulleys, rollers, track and cables. A malfunction of any of these components can throw the whole garage door out-of-balance. A trained technician's training ensures the ...